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What makes Blue Loop Capital different from other Venture Capital/Private Equity firms?
We are different. We are, first and foremost, entrepreneurs. We are seeking opportunities which we can commercialize or reinvigorate to create financial successes. We have a long-term focus and are looking to invest in businesses, ideas, or technologies that have significant growth potential.

We understand that the recent economic environment has made business conditions and financing difficult for most firms. We believe that people should do what they have a passion for and go where their talents lead them. If you have a gift for technology creation, we will not require you to spend your time developing business plans, formulating exit strategies, or sitting in endless meetings in rooms full of suits. We understand how to commercialize technology and turn it into revenue. We have the experience, know-how, and resources to make your business concept successful.

Unlike many investors and lenders who focus on problems, shortcomings, and traditional financial metrics, we look at opportunities and ask, "What is possible?" As your business partner, we will lead those activities and provide the necessary resources to free you to do what you love to do — making products, providing services, or inventing and creating cool stuff. We are open to looking at distressed companies, turnarounds, or companies and ideas who have not yet reached their potential.

We don't believe that every idea needs to be a standalone company. In fact, we believe that for some innovative ideas, the fastest (and best) path to success may not be found in traditional company start-up models. We are flexible. We understand that there are many different ways to finance business and innovation. We take each opportunity on a case-by-case basis and identify the best way to do a deal. This can be anything from a licensing arrangement to a co-marketing agreement all the way up to a full acquisition.


Blue Loop Capital is open to a wide range of acquisition opportunities including:

- Exit Strategies
- Turnarounds
- Distressed Situations
- Divestitures
- Technology Licensing and Acquisitions

Blue Loop Capital is seeking investments with:

- Expanding market/growth potential
- Expansion capacity/scalability
- Skilled and flexible personnel
- Technology which can be commercialized
- Deal size up to $10 million

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